May 29, 2024

Advanced refillable vape Mastery: Techniques for Cloud Chasers

Cloud chasing is a pursuit that demands skill, knowledge, and a deep understanding of vaping techniques. For those seeking to master the art of producing voluminous vapor clouds, advanced refillable vape mastery involves honing specific techniques and employing specialized methods. Let’s delve into the advanced techniques that elevate cloud chasing to an art form:

1. Coil Building Expertise

Mastering coil building is essential for achieving massive vapor production:

  • Low-Resistance Coils: Build coils with lower resistances (sub-ohm) to handle high wattages and generate substantial vapor.
  • Complex Coil Designs: Experiment with intricate coil builds like Clapton, fused Clapton, or alien coils to increase surface area and vapor density.

2. Optimal Wattage and Temperature Control

Fine-tune wattage and temperature settings for optimal cloud production:

  • High Wattage Output: Use high-power devices capable of delivering sufficient wattage to heat coils quickly and produce dense vapor.
  • Temperature Control (TC) Mode: Set precise temperature limits to prevent overheating and maximize vapor consistency.

3. Airflow Management

Customize airflow settings to enhance cloud density and flavor:

  • Wide Open Airflow: Adjust airflow to its maximum setting to allow for unrestricted air intake and increased vapor production.
  • Direct Lung (DL) Inhales: Practice deep, direct lung inhales to draw in more vapor and create larger clouds.

4. E-Liquid Selection for Clouds

Choose e-liquids formulated for cloud chasing:

  • High-VG E-Liquids: Opt for e-liquids with high vegetable glycerin (VG) content (70% VG or higher) for thicker vapor clouds.
  • Low Nicotine Levels: Use e-liquids with lower nicotine concentrations to focus on vapor production without sacrificing flavor.

5. Proper Wicking Techniques

Ensure optimal wicking to prevent dry hits and maximize flavor:

  • Cotton Selection and Preparation: Use high-quality cotton and employ efficient wicking methods like the Scottish roll to promote even e-liquid distribution.
  • Avoiding Dry Hits: Maintain consistent wicking to prevent coils from overheating and ensure continuous vapor production.

6. Battery Safety and Performance

Prioritize battery safety to support high-power vaping:

  • High-Discharge Batteries: Invest in high-quality, high-discharge batteries capable of handling sub-ohm vaping safely.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keep batteries clean, inspect for damage, and adhere to safe charging practices to optimize performance and longevity.

7. Continuous Practice and Experimentation

Achieving advanced refillable vape mastery requires dedication and experimentation:

  • Practice Regularly: Hone techniques through consistent practice sessions to refine cloud-chasing skills.
  • Experiment with New Builds and Setups: Explore different coil builds, airflow configurations, and e-liquid combinations to discover optimal cloud-chasing setups.


Advanced refillable vape mastery is a journey that combines technical expertise with creative exploration. By mastering coil building, optimizing wattage and temperature control, customizing airflow settings, selecting suitable e-liquids, perfecting wicking techniques, prioritizing battery safety, and embracing continuous practice, cloud chasers can elevate their vaping experience to new heights. Embrace the challenges, refine your skills, and enjoy the satisfaction of mastering advanced refillable vape techniques for achieving impressive cloud production. Happy cloud chasing and may you continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of advanced vaping!

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